Tragically, winter has come. The cold and snow and harsh, horrible hell that is the cold, white abyss of winter has arrived. Golf? Oh, it seems so far away -- but for those who are looking to dominate their fantasy golf leagues come January must stay focused. The work begins now.
It is with a heavy heart that I come to you with preparations for the PGA Championship. Now, I'm not sad because it's the PGA Championship -- I'm sad because on Sunday, when the final putt falls in the hole, there will be no more major championship golf for the better part of eight months. And that's a terrible thought. In the words of Jon Snow, "winter is coming."
I've got to be honest -- looking at the field for this week's Greenbrier Classic is kind of disappointing. There are less "stars" in this week's event than newest season of "Dancing with the Stars." I wouldn't say I had a "Major League" moment ("Rickie Vaughn? Willy Hayes? I never heard of most of 'em. Mitchell Freedmen? Who are these _____ guys?") but, yeah, it wasn't good.